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3 Reasons People Procrastinate Purchasing Property

Life is busy. Between work, hobbies, friends, and other obligations, finding time to search for a home can be tough. And shopping is time-consuming. Starting with scrolling through the apps,

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How To Become A Real Estate Broker

FOR BROKERTo qualify for a broker's license, an applicant must have been continually licensed and employed on a full-time basis as a New Jersey real estate salesperson for the three years

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How Many Hours Is Real Estate License School

Often, I am asked how long Real Estate License School is.  The REC in New Jersey requires 75 hours of instruction. Exactly how you complete those hours is up to you. The Best School of Real

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How Much Does Real Estate License School Cost

Real Estate License School can cost as little as $290 or $399 at the Best School of Real Estate. Call 732-266-3366 for more details. Classes start everyday. bestschoolofrealestate.bizReal

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